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The Baboon Torture Division Puppet Theatre began as all good things begin, with a bottle of rum, and some bad ideas. Those ideas solidified in the form of a fifteen minute puppet show based on the history of the Baboon Torture Division. It was an attempt to familiarize the unfamiliar with the weaving storyline of Steve Biloba and his band of robots. Somewhere in the bottles of rum and doughnuts that followed, the script meandered into uncharted territory. What had started as mission to end the confusion of our loyal fans, transformed to a tale of Steve's conquest to seduce barnyard animals. And like all good things, the new script called for plentiful Mayonnaise.
We handed out dozens of puppets to everyone in the audience, inviting the strong of heart to spontaneously become part of the show. Half way through the show BJ2.0 and Pocketron XP went on a rampage through the audience to destroy all the distributed puppets. At this show, the first vagina puppet was stolen.
Amazingly, the same people who invited us to play on that sunny rooftop invited us to play another event. The theme of this event was "castles". The Baboon Torture Division has never been in a real castle. We know almost nothing about them, nor would we like to. One thing we do know is how to beat all the castles in all the Super Mario Brothers games, including the lost levels. So we went to work on Super Mario Porn.
Continuting the tradition, the next puppet show featured plenty of hardcore puppet-on-puppet action. Mario discovers his repressed sexuality after finding Princess in bed with Bowser. Meanwhile, in The Mushroom Kingdom, the mushrooms start a coup and overthrow the monarchy. It culminates in an erotic moment with Mario, Bowser and Princess being interrupted by looters in the palace. The three are slain by former servant, Toadstool. At this show, our second vagina puppet was stolen.
The pornographic and violent sequel assumes Mario and Princess survived the events of the first installment. Mario discovers the princess has bore him a bastard son with Bowser. He leaves her to die after ripping the child from her womb. Using what he learned in medical school he attempts to swap his own genetic material in the child, but his lab monkeys break free of their cages and cause everyone in the lab to geneticly fuse. The only way to fix the problem is by selective breeding. So the mutants breed and breed and it is hot XXX action.
Sometimes audience members will get a puppet to wear during the show. This often leads to strange behavior, altered preceprion, and sometimes, hot puppet love.
Hamburger Awards
The Baboon Torture Division has long held the belief that Neil Hamburger is America's Funnyman. And when we had the oppertunity to present an award at an event he was hosting, we all felt honored. We made a puppet version of Hamburger which was a stunning likeness, but with a giant hamburger for a head. In the show, a Neil decides to commit suicide with the assistance of Mr. Bear. They decide to sever and eat Neil's penis before he dies. To watch this magic moment unfold right on your computer, click the image to the left.
We were commissioned to produce a Valentines Day haunted house. We planned to set up bloodbaths of arrows stabbing realistic hearts, a horrific puppet show, and lots of random fucked up experiences for lovers on a date to the theater. For insurance reasons, the haunted house idea was canned, and the powers that be decided the event should be a opera, not a haunted house. Click the image to the left to see the results.
This puppet show was made for the Vancouver Art Gallery's 75th birthday. Our intent was to make a legitimate family puppet show so surreal and retarded it would induce illness in adults making them forever resent their children. Kids don't usually care about the plot of a puppet show, they are just happy to watch puppets sing and dance which means you can pretty much get away with anything.
A few BTD shows have opened with Puppet Karaoke. We invite anyone to come pick a song and a puppet and rock out. Strangely, each time we take a vagina puppet, someone steals it. Here is a video of a fan butchering The Beatles 'Let It Be' and changing half the words to something about pizza.
We are currently producing a puppet version of our robot rock opera, In The Future There Will Be Robots. All your favorite BTD characters are here in puppet form, busting out of the puppet booth and into the real world. The DVD will be available in 200?.
puppet karaoke booth Our latest puppet theatre booth is made from lightweight PVC and fabric, stands over 8 feet tall, and has karaoke capabilities. We invite anyone to come pick a song and a puppet and rock out.