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BC Livin' Lyrics

time to put another brewski in the coleman
I think its time to light up this bowl, man
Light the grill lets fry a pound of bacon.
Turn the music up lets do some booty shakin
backyard movie screen ten feet wide
Got my sexy woman by my side
BC livin in the summer time
Kickin out the jams and we're feeling fine.
We got this BC bud on tap
A modite in my hand and a booty on my lap
Home studio in the walkin closet
Glacial water flowing from the faucet
Got my trench coat for walking in the rain
Don need no car cuz I ride the skytrain
Throwin frisbes taking bong hits
run around naked in the sunshine forest
Got my party mug now piggies can't touch me
gonna snack down on the bag of lunch meat
BC livin that's how we roll
Don't need no shoes Cuz I got soul.

The sun ain't goin gown till 22 hundred
It's the northern latitude, in case you wondered
sixteen hours of arctic daylight
What a way to start your night
Chillin on the beach till the sun goes down
Then I put on my cape and I rock this town
Up in the club or in the street
We got the funky rythm to move your feet
The freaks get freaky to the torture division
Treat your ears right do it with precision
Slayen crowds like a head on collision
It's a chain reaction like nuclear fission
Baboon on the stage and the party is jumpin
laptop grooves and the system in thumpin
In your feet you start to feel something
Aint nothing wrong with some booty bumpin
take the chance to try some dance moves
We all get stupid no one can disapprove
let your ass move to the bass groove
The less you try, the more you improve
It draws you just like a black hole
The beats from half way to the north pole
BC living that's how we roll
I'm done singing let's spark this bowl.

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