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Sexy Times Lyrics

Last Wednesday
I can picture it so clearly
It was midnight
We were working overtime
I was waiting on a man to deliver the folders
You were wearing accessories in your hair I could hear your breathing you were down on the floor
To retrieve the items you'd dropped down there
I looked at you
You looked at me
You looked at me and smiled
I know exactly what a look like that means
It means you're ready to go wild

You give me bonus baby
When you're not even around
I got to take your picture
And throw it on the ground

I like to freak it on yuh
This sort of thing ain't allowed
I got tuh give you champagne
and show you sexy times

You give me bonus baby
This ain't fuckin around
You know the freak is in ya
So lets stir it around

I'm like a roller coaster
I go up and down
I got tuh give you cocaine
And show you sexy times

Last Friday
You know I'm ready for the weekend
It's early in the day
and there's still so much time.
I was prepping a demo for the twelve o'clock meeting
You were wearing slacks and your nails were green
I dropped the j-peg into my presentation
You were getting peanuts from the snack machine.
I looked at you
You looked at me
And I knew it was on
Inter Office relationship
It's on the downlow.

You give me bonus baby
Sometimes I see you quiver
It's time to get down to ya
And help with your computer

You let me push the buttons
You're giving me erections
I get the BIOS loaded
And show you sexy times

I'm like a escellator
I go up and down
No one suspects a thing uh
Because you're server's down

I bet you pulled the cable
You tell me it's possable
I'm undernieth the table
You show me sexy times

You and me Sexy Times

Gotta keep it on the downlow

sexy time yeah.

You do it so descretely.

So no one else knows.

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