I'm the master MC with the faster PC
With the THC and the LSD on my BLT
The RCMP and the LAPD couldn't stop me
Driving my SUV cuz I'm the MVP
I'm the VIP
I'm notoriously BIG
I used to order CD's like STP
and XTC from BMG with COD
But they fucked me with PVC and ASB
in my Boo T
And ruined my credit history
So I'm out of heeeee.
And I'll see you pee on your TV
During NBC

I'm on the comode about to drop a load
When I anally explode just like toad
From Mario and it starts to flow
And I say oh no cuz my bowels are gonna blow.
And it's the unholey trinity of NPC
Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC
That did this to me
That made my poo smelly
With poor consistancy
I'm squirting out poo like beer at a kegger
It's flying out faster than old Chuck Yegger
And it just hit the eject button
So you Better Start runnin
Cuz it's big like Elvis
Mean like a moose rutting
It's decomposing Pizza Hut that's shooting from my butt
And if pooping were sex, I'd be a slut. see
You, we outty outty, yall.
And to the ladies, piece and baboon torture forever.