Uh. Uh. What?
Yo, This song be fo all you mothafuckas out there that be rollin right now.
You know what I'm sayin. You feel what I'm sayin.
If you ain't in yo mothauckin car right now, crusin down the fuckin street,
You better turn this shit off.
This song ain't for listenin to on yo momma's laptop computer.
Yo, if you ain't bumpin this song in yo car right now, you ain't fuckin worthey of listening to this shit.
This song is about fuckin riding in your car
And this song is for paying while you're riding in your car, player.
Anyone still listening to this mothafuckin song better be in their mothafuckin car
right fuckin now.
Get them hydrolics bouncing, bitch.
I wanna see yo mothafuckin wheels leavin the asphault, yo.
I want them hydrolics to be bouncing like a mechanical bull and shit.
Yo, if you ain't got hydrolics on yo shit, get the fuck out of my face.
You ain't worthey of this fucking groove right here.
Yo, this shit's fucking hardcore.
This shit's mothafuckin hardcore.
I want this bass groove right here to be turned up real loud.
I want you to turn up your mothafuckin speakers all the way.
You better have like 25 inch sbuwoofers in your ride to play this shit, too.
I want this shit to set off other people's car alarms for blocks.
If you ain't got like six or seven crossovers on your shit, you ain't worthey of bumpin this groove.
Yo, your stereo system is weak, homes.
Now light up your fuckin Indo.
Getcha big booty hoes on yo lap.
Pore yoself a glass of gin and juice. Yo, if you ain't drunk and stoned right now and got like ten bitches having full on sex with you, you ain't fo real, dawg.
You ain't a real player.
Yo, you see that eject button on that CD player in front of you?
Whay don't you hit it right now.
You ain't a real fuckin player.
Who the fuck do you think you are playing my groove without being in yo fuckin car.
Without having sex with like 12 bitches at once,
Without being drunk and stoned,
Shit, get the fuck out of my face.
Fuck, I can't even handle this shit no moe.
You ain't a real player,
You just a wannabe sucka'.
You ain't even worthey of my groove right here.
I'm fucking turning this shit off.
It's over.
Fuck you, player.
It's over.