Play the game vicariously. No skill needed. Just watch someone really good at it playing the whole game in 10 minutes.
Baboon Torture Division Video Game Speed Run From YouTube

Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, also Brittney Spears, knows the super-awesome mega-rock stars needs video game about its band. Baboon Torture Division no difference. We are the band with our video game.
Oh NO! Steve Biloba makes evil clone name Wasteve Waloba.
Since early 2003, Baboon Torture Division has been developing a top-secret video game. Now, half a decade later, it is ready for the public. It is a very short 2d platformer in the tradition of Super Mario Bros with 4 levels and 4 mini-boses. You play lead singer Steve Biloba, who's evil twin has brainwashed every monkey in the world into helping him conquer the earth. Your quest is to stop him, and basically blow the crap out of any thing in your way.
System Requirements: Windows or DOS (sorry Mac users) Should run on any PC built in the last 10 years as the computer is was written on is over 10 years old.
File size:20MB
License: Free to use, distribute, and edit.
Editable Game Maker 4.3 project file

With combined intellect, inventing brain control machine to monkeys. Waloba has steal machine, and uses monkeys to conquor earth. You becomming Steve Biloba and quest for stop Wasteve and blow up brain machine.
But LOOK OUT! Many monkeys block your way. All under Wasteve's control. They make much danger for you. Also obsticales and puzzle. You must be all knowing for reach game's final encounter. Much is unknown and strange in land of mystery. Search all place hidden teleport for new lands. Much is exploding when Steve throws fire upon them. More than monkeys it has to worry you from. Only players skill save Earth Exchange Middle from Wasteve's explosive monkeys. /\ /\ SCROLL UP TO SEE DEMO FROM YOUTOOB