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The fourth Album from The Baboon Torture Division is a shining example of the emerging genre known as dork core. The album parodies a spectrum of genres adding aggressive and textured electronic sounds blended with low-fi video game beats and circuit bent kids toys. Although the music is playful, the overall tone of this album is twistedly dark. This album was produced from a home recording studio using free software off the internet. Guns'n'Roses themselves could not have finished the trilogy with anymore grace or passion.

01. Prologue

02. Porno Person(Doktor Kozoms Cover)

03. Sweet Donkey Love

04. Perfect Abraham Lincoln

05. Tony Danza Maximum Remix 2003

06. Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

07. Cuss Word

08. 4 Real Thugs Only

09. Time For Lunchmeat

10. Scary German Man

11. The best song to play if you were jacking off your dad while you watched 'Over The Top' together, but its was playing on spanish TV, so you have it on mute to read the closed captions, which are, for some reason, in english. So you'd have to put some music on the stereo, you know, so the movie's less boring. Not that 'Over The Top' is boring. It's a great film, and I can't recommed it strongly enough to any of you who haven't seen it. But when its on mute, and the only sound in the room is the sound of your hand sliding up and down your father's penis, well, it gets a little akward. So you need some mood music. Something which matches the excitement and energy of 'Over The Top,' while being sexy enough for you to feel OK about playing with your dad's John Thomas. This is the song you should put on if that ever happens, because this is the best song for that. Oh, By the way, Pearl Jam, I just kicked your ASS. The award for longest song tittle EVER IN HISTORY is now MINE.

12. Bea Arthur Is The Sexiest Senior Citizen Alive
This song will become dated when Bea Arthur dies.

13. Super Mario World Order

14. The Last Thing I Remember From My Brthday

15. Hard Boiled

16. n'n'out

17. Rock'n'roll McDonald(Wesley Willis Cover)

18. Epilogue

19. Bonus Noise

20. Nomad Must Sterilize For those of you who know what this song is about, I give you 'mad props'. For those of you who have no idea, I pitty you, and advise you to watch more Star Trek. And not that 'Enterprise' or 'Voyager' Crap, but the REAL Star Trek. With Leonard Nemoy.

BUY THIS ALBUM HERE!! Even though you just got it for free here.