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Now you can enjoy MIDI files of some of your favorite Baboon Torture Division songs. You could do some Kareoke or make remixes, or just enjoy how dorky it sounds on your computer's sound card. These were all made for the Yamaha CS1-X, and will sound gloriously cheesy comming off a comuter's built in soundcard. They sound different with different computers. If you've got a midi compatable synth, plug it in and see what it does. There is lots of controler info and sysex info which it may or may not read. Channel 1 is always routed to a special synth module which is not the standard midi Grand Piano, and is most often a GM drum kit with distortion. Channels 2-4 are not read by the CS1-X and are not used in most of these files, leaving you plenty of free tracks to add your own stuff. Fool around with it and have fun. Feel free to distribute whatever you make, put please give a shout out to BTD when you do.
Use Your Illusion 3
Use Your Illusion 3
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from CD

Anal Desire


Dance Of The Lobster

For Fifty Bucks Your Ass Is Mine

For Reel Thuggz Only

Get Your Ass To Mars


I Brought The Donkey(She's A Shiney Animal)

I'm All Out Of Gum

Le Canard

Le Histoire Du Billy Matter Soundtrack

Lipstick On My Dick

Lunchtime At The Doggie Diner

Manitee Love Song


Poop Everyday

Rock'n'Roll McDonalds

Scary German Man

Sweet Donkey Love

The Cowboy Song